Welcome to DogsIreland.ie. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) set forth the rules for your use of our website (the “Website”) and the services we provide (the “Services”). We appreciate your presence here and urge you to familiarize yourself with these Terms. By accessing and using our Website and Services, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms. In case of disagreement with any aspect, please refrain from using our Website and Services.

1. User Eligibility

1.1. Age Requirement

To utilize the Website and Services, you must be at least 18 years old. We do not permit anyone under the age of 18 to advertise or contact an advertiser. This age requirement ensures a responsible and legally compliant community.

1.2. Representation

By engaging with the Website and Services, you’re affirming that you possess the legal capacity and authority to enter into these Terms. This representation is fundamental to our commitment to ethical usage.

2. Use of the Website

2.1. Purpose

DogsIreland.ie serves as an exclusive Classified Ads platform dedicated to dogs in the Republic of Ireland. Here, you can post, browse, and engage with dog-related advertisements. This exclusive focus enhances the user experience and the quality of interactions.

2.2. Content Responsibility

Responsibility for the content you post on our Website lies solely with you. This encompasses text, images, and any other media you share. We emphasize that your content must adhere to applicable laws, respect regulations, and respect the rights of third parties. Upholding these standards fosters a trustworthy environment.

2.3. Prohibited Activities

The Website strictly prohibits engagement in any illegal or fraudulent activities. Upholding this prohibition ensures the safety and legality of the community’s interactions.

3. Our Ad Posting Rules

3.1. General Ad Posting Rules

3.1.1. Featured Ads

We offer featured ad options that require payment, while basic ad posting is free. Payment for featured ads is facilitated through PayPal or Stripe. This paid feature provides additional visibility to your ad. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of these payment processors when opting for this service.

3.1.2. Pricing

The pricing for featured ads is available on the Website and is subject to change at DogsIreland.ie’s discretion. We recommend checking the Website for current pricing details.

3.1.3. Non-Refundable

Once payment is made for a featured ad, it becomes non-refundable. This policy underscores the importance of your commitment when opting for this service.

3.2. Specific Ad Posting Rules

3.2.1. Transparency and Accuracy

Ensuring transparency and accuracy in your dog ads is essential to maintain trust within our community. To achieve this, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Actual Photos: All ads must include actual photos of your dog(s). These images should accurately represent the dog(s) you are advertising.
  • Accurate Information: Provide precise details about the breed, age, and any other relevant information concerning the dog(s). Accurate information helps prospective buyers make informed decisions.
  • Physical Presence and Health: Importantly, every dog you list must be physically present in Ireland and in good health. This requirement promotes trust among users and responsible pet trading practices.

3.2.2. Ownership Responsibility

Ownership of the dog(s) you are advertising carries specific responsibilities:

  • Ownership Requirement: You are required to be the legal owner of the dog(s) being advertised. These dogs should be registered in your name.
  • Microchip Details: Additionally, you must provide microchip numbers for all dogs you list and possess copies of their microchip certificates. These measures are in place to ensure responsible pet trading and verify ownership.

3.2.3. Microchipping and Registration

Microchipping and registration are crucial aspects of responsible pet ownership:

  • Microchipping Requirement: Every dog you advertise must be microchipped. Microchipping enhances traceability and aids in reuniting lost pets with their owners.
  • Approved Databases: In the Republic of Ireland, acceptable microchip databases include IKC, ICC, Fido, or Animark. Compliance with this requirement is essential for responsible ownership and traceability.

3.2.4. Age and Well-being

Age requirements are established to safeguard the well-being of puppies:

  • Age Threshold: To ensure the proper care and well-being of puppies, all dogs you advertise must be over 7 weeks of age before they can be listed for sale.
  • Leaving Their Mother: Puppies must be over 8 weeks of age before they can leave their mother. This policy aligns with best practices in puppy care, ensuring their health and development.

3.2.5. Licensing and Compliance

To maintain transparency and legal compliance in ad posting:

  • Seller Licensing: If you plan to sell 6 or more dogs in a year, you are legally required to register with the Department of Agriculture as a Registered Seller of Pets. Your identification number must be included in all your ads.
  • Dog Breeding Establishment (DBE) License: Individuals with 6 or more female dogs over six months of age and capable of breeding must register under the Dog Breeding Establishment Act of 2010 with their local authority as a Dog Breeding Establishment (DBE). This license number is essential for transparency and legal compliance.

3.2.6. Physical Alterations and Attestations

Certain physical alterations require specific documentation:

  • Cropped Ears or Docked Tails: If a dog’s ears have been cropped or its tail docked, you must provide an appropriate veterinary attestation confirming compliance with the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 Section 16. These measures contribute to responsible pet trading and ethical practices.

3.2.7. Editorial and Quality Control

To maintain the quality and integrity of our ad listings:

  • Editing: DogsIreland.ie reserves the right to edit ads for clarity. This ensures that ads provide clear and accurate information.
  • Right of Refusal: We also reserve the right of refusal for ads that do not meet our guidelines. This action is taken to uphold the quality and integrity of our ad listings.

4. Content Removal

4.1. Removal Authority

DogsIreland.ie reserves the right to remove any content from the Website that violates these Terms or any applicable laws or regulations. This authority allows us to maintain a safe and compliant environment.

4.2. Suspension or Termination

In cases of violations of these Terms, DogsIreland.ie may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate your access to the Website and Services. These actions uphold community standards and safety.

5. Purchasing a Puppy or Dog

5.1. Buyer Recommendations

Before proceeding with the purchase of a puppy or dog from an advertiser, we strongly advise you to follow these essential guidelines:

  • Meet the Breeder and Dam: Arrange to meet both the breeder and the mother (dam) of the litter. This firsthand interaction allows you to assess the living conditions and care provided to the puppies, ensuring their well-being.
  • See the Puppy: It’s crucial to see the puppy in person before making a commitment. This way, you can assess its health, behaviour, and compatibility with your lifestyle. Meeting the puppy also provides an opportunity to ask questions about its care and upbringing.
  • Avoid Risky Locations: For safety and transparency reasons, we discourage meeting at locations such as car parks. Instead, consider visiting the breeder’s facility or a neutral and safe location for the interaction.

5.2. Contractual Relationship

When you decide to purchase a puppy or dog, it’s important to understand the contractual aspects:

  • Independence: The contract formed for any transaction is solely between you and the advertiser. We strongly recommend conducting your own due diligence as an independent buyer. This ensures that you make informed decisions and engage in transparent transactions.

5.3. Non-Involvement

Please note that DogsIreland.ie does not become a party to any contract when you purchase a puppy or dog:

  • We are not a Party: DogsIreland.ie is not a party to the transaction contract. As a result, we are not liable for the contract, its performance, or any claims or disputes that may arise from it. Additionally, we do not act as an agent for or on behalf of the advertiser. This distinction ensures the independence of transactions.

5.4. Warranty

To provide clarity about warranties related to the quality or fitness of puppies offered for sale:

  • No Warranties: DogsIreland.ie does not provide warranties regarding the quality or fitness of any puppies offered for sale. We also do not assume responsibility for any transaction between a puppy buyer and the breeder resulting from the publication of the listing.

5.5. Vetting and Accuracy

Concerning the vetting of breeders and the accuracy of their statements in advertising:

  • No Vetting by DogsIreland.ie: DogsIreland.ie does not facilitate the vetting of breeders advertising on this site on behalf of a puppy buyer. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any statements made by breeders in their advertising. Buyer due diligence is essential for a satisfactory transaction.

5.6. Legal Requirements

In compliance with legal requirements related to pet sales:

  • License Details: The Animal Health and Welfare (Sale or Supply of Pet Regulations) 2019 mandates that Registered Sellers of Pets and Dog Breeding Establishments (DBEs) must provide their license details in all dog ads for sale. This act also stipulates that all dogs advertised for sale must be microchipped and registered. Ads must include the date of birth, country of birth, and microchip information to comply with these regulations.

5.7. Information Use

Regarding the use of information on our website:

  • Respecting Breeder Rights: All information on this website is published with the consent of the breeder(s) and is intended solely for prospective puppy purchasers. It must not be electronically or otherwise reproduced without the express consent and authorization of the breeder(s) concerned. Respecting these terms protects the rights of breeders and fosters a responsible and ethical community.

6. Privacy

6.1. Privacy Policy

Your use of the Website and Services is also subject to our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed on the Website. We respect your privacy and encourage you to review our Privacy Policy for a comprehensive understanding of our data-handling practices.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. Content Accuracy

DogsIreland.ie does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any content posted on the Website. We provide a platform for users to interact and exchange information, but the accuracy of such information is the responsibility of the users. You use the Website and Services at your own discretion.

7.2. User Interactions

DogsIreland.ie is not responsible for any interactions or transactions between users of the Website. While we strive to create a safe and ethical environment, your interactions with other users are solely your responsibility. We encourage respectful and transparent communication.

8. General Terms

8.1. Simplicity and Cooperation

Our aim is to maintain these terms and conditions as clear and straightforward as possible. These terms are designed to protect everyone involved—advertisers, buyers, and DogsIreland.ie. If you have any questions or find any aspects unclear, please reach out to us. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in limitations or revocation of your access to DogsIreland.ie.

By using DogsIreland.ie, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a responsible and respectful community of dog enthusiasts.